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Nursery Wall Decals Purple Cherry Blossom Branch Vinyl Wall Decal


This adorable cherry blossom branch wall decal is 28" high by 55" wide and comes with the cute birdies flying around and some extra blossoms that you can place anywhere you want.

Nursery purple cherry blossom branch wall decal for nursery and baby rooms. Wall decals are the hottest trend in nursery decor! Buy now and instantly transform your nursery into one that is special and sophisticated.


All decals are separate pieces so you can arrange the flowers and birds just the way you want. It will fit your space for sure!

Approx. Size of Wall Decal Shown: 28" Tall x 55" Wide
Colors Used: Brown Branch, Lilac Flowers and Brown Birds


1 Branch Wall Decal, 1 set of Flowers and 5 Bird Decals
Installation Instructions (Written & Video Instructions)
1 Installation Tool (squeegee)

FREE Custom Colors! That's right, you may choose any colors you want for this wall decal. To change the colors, just tell us your new colors for each element of this decal in the field below (Ex: tree=nut brown, butterfly=violet, flower=tangerine). We will receive your request with your order.