Wall Decal Installation Video


Wall decals are easy to install but only when you learn how. Some designs are time consuming so we recommend you ask someone to help you. The more hands you have, the faster (and more fun) it will be!

***IMPORTANT*** - Make sure your wall is clean and completely free of any dust before you install. Wipe your wall with a dry cloth right before the installation to remove any dust particles. 

Prep work: Lay your wall decal flat on your floor or table and cut it up into each individual pieces. Notice it's made out of three layers: Backing paper (solid white paper), on top is the transfer tape (clear tape) and in the middle of the two layers is the actual wall decal. 

To install, simply peel away the decal with the transfer tape (from the backing paper) and place it on your wall. Run the squeegee over the decal to remove any bubbles. Peel away the transfer tape and... voila! Your decal stays on your wall and looks just like it's painted on :)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Choose your perfect spot: Wall decals are for one time use only so start by first taping your whole decal onto your wall with masking tape. Step back and see if you like the position. If you want to reposition, this is the time to do it!

2. Using the "Hinge Technique": This step will make the installation a lot easier so make sure you watch our video. To make the hinge, run a few long strips of masking tape along the middle of the decal. Remove any excess tape from step #1 so that your decal only hangs on the hinge. If it looks like it might fall, add more tape to the hinge.

3. Pull the top of the decal towards you and let it hang down over the hinge. Carefully remove the backing paper (solid white paper) from the transfer and the decal and cut it off with scissors. 

4. Using your hands, spread out the top of the decal onto your wall. Spread the decal nice and straight, starting from the hinge and working outwards. It's best to have someone help you with this step.

5. When you finish the top, do the same thing to the bottom. Remove all the masking tape and install the bottom half of your decal.

6. Once your decal is on your wall, use the squeegee to remove any bubbles. Do this with force to make sure your decal sticks properly to your wall.

7. Peel away the transfer tape. This step is easy but do it slowly! Pull at the sharpest angel possible (keep your hands right against the wall and pull down or up) and take your time.

8. Voila! You are done! You now have a Surface Inspired wall decal :)


Wall decals are not sticking to the transfer tape. What to do?
- Use the squeegee to flatten out the whole decal before installing. Sometimes during transport, bubbles form between the decal and the transfer tape and prevents the two from sticking. Do this during prep time.

My wall decal is too large for me to install. What to do?
-Cut it up into smaller pieces with scissors. The pieces will align perfectly and nobody will see the seams. 

I just painted my walls. How long should I wait before installing?
-Wait a few days until your paint is fully dry. If your wall is still wet, it will prevent the decal from sticking and installation will be impossible!

- Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. We'll be glad to help you out and explain the installation with more detail.