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Elegant Tree Wall Decal with Birds and Custom Name

$99.00 $135.00

Elegant garden tree wall decal with custom name and cute birds. Surface Inspired nursery wall decals will instantly transform your nursery into one that is modern and sophisticated. We custom make our decals so you have yours made in any colors you want.


Wall decals are all separate pieces so you can arrange the leaves, birds and name just the way you want.

Approx. Size of Wall Decal Shown: 84" tall by 104" wide
Size of Tree Only: 47" wide by 84" tall
Colors Used: White for tree, leaves, and lavender for animals and name

FREE Custom Colors! That's right, you may choose any colors you want for this wall decal. To change the colors, just tell us your new colors for each element of this decal in the field below (Ex: tree=nut brown, butterfly=violet, flower=tangerine). We will receive your request with your order.